Majestic Car Club Presents Car Show & Toy Drive – 11.13.16 @ Oxnard, CA

Lavishkings Car Club – Took home another unexpected win Sunday afternoon, 11-13-2016 @ The Majestics Car Show & Toy Drive. Santiago, owner of the 2015 Nissan Altima won by best overall along with 20 others in category. 

We showed up around 8am in the morning after pre-meeting at Starbucks for breakfast at The Collection in Oxnard. It was a nice cool Sunday morning with clear skies, less wind, but during the noon time it stayed hot throughout the day.

When, Santiago and I drove into the Car Show, 2-3 lots from Home Depot were already filled with amazing cars from lowriders, trucks, vendors, trikes, and old skool classics. We were at the settled in at the last parking lot. 

The Majestics Car Club really made a good impression to many people in Oxnard, CA, yesterday. Everyone had fun and it was truly a family friendly event. They played old school classics such as Smokey Robinson, Zapp & Roger, Kool & The Gang, and much more! “Gotta Love that Vibe”! 

We were instructed to park next to the Infinite Car Club of Oxnard, CA. Very friendly and very good people. 

Photo credits : @ay_nak0 / Bryan Arangorin

Parking was getting full, so they parked along the driveway of the parking lot. The picture above features Cadillacs with very clean paint jobs, chromed out rims, just bouncing their way in to grab some attention and good impressions to the crowd.

Model: Destiny Marie showed her courtesy (above) posing on Santiago’s car. 


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