The Dirty Adixion Car Show Coverage 10.23.16 – Oxnard, CA

The Dirty Adixion Car Show held on Sunday, October 23rd turnt out a great success for Lavishkingscc from Ventura County. Ending the year of 2016 with a close win between a white Porshe vs. Lavishkingscc member Bryan with his 2012 Toyota Corolla Sport; known for his slammed and bagged and vipdout sedan car. The category they were placed under was for Luxury and bringing a win for 2nd place.

” This was very unexpected, but very surprisingly.” Bryan quoted to his team.

Later, that evening, Bryan posted a picture on the social media; Instagram captioning –

“Its a surprise, i wasn’t expecting on winning, but in this case i share this reward to the team . We won 2nd place. Not just me. We brought the Lavishkingscc alive.

And last but not least its not always winning its about having fun and experiencing what we can do to better our cars on the next one and better ourselves for the near future.”

Photo credits : @ay_nak0

(Top Left) – 2nd Place Winner: Bryan Arangorin – 2012 Toyota Corolla equipped w/ Airforce Suspension

(Top Right) – Lavishkingscc member : Santiago Mendez – 2015 Nissan Altima equipped w/ D2 Suspension x Accuair Air Management

Photo credits: @__courageous

(Left to Right)

President/ Founder of Lavishkingscc : Rene

Lieutenant of Lavishkingscc : Bryan

New Member : Luis

Old Member : Santiago

Caption : “Unexpected win, but truly dedicated this winning trophy to the team. Couldn’t do it without the team, we entered together so we win as a family.” – Bryan

Photo credits: @__courageous : Renise S.

(Top) “The Dirty Adixion Presents The Dirty Car Show 2nd Place Winner for Best Luxury”


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